How to order doll in fullbodylovedoll store?

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1. Search your love doll in fullbodylove doll store, then choose your doll oprtions, skin colors, eye colors, hair, vagina and so on. ADD TO CART. 

2.Please kindly check top right corner, click items. You can find CHECKOUT, then clink it. 

3.After CHECKOUT,step1 , Checkout Options, If you are didn register in our website, then you can choose Register Account, if you had register, then choose Guest Checkout. 

4.Here we come to spet 2, your existing address or new address. 

5.Step3 is same as step 2, step 4 is delivery, in our shop, all doll is free shipping. 

6. Payment we can accept Credit card ,Paypal and Bank transfer 

7.Confirm order will be ok. 

If any question please contact me.