How to Take care of your doll ?

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Care sex doll, once you are order a sex doll, she will become a half of your life. As your partner, keep your lovely girl health and improve her lifespan is your other job. Maybe you are love to spend all time with her and want her to keep beautiful at all times, So some simple step you must to do for TPE doll.

Shower to your doll.

Our all doll is use top material to make it, so doll skin didn't have too much oil to the skin, just need to shower her once every two weeks or once a month at least. Use shower gel to clean her up, and neck and head don't under the water.After shower use a soft towel or air cooler to dry skin up.Please do no use any hot devices. Then you can put baby powder to wholes body skin to make her soft touch.

After sex how to clean doll?

Every doll we will attached vagina irrigator , every times use,put some water into her holes you are use, or shower gel water cleaning, until holes clean to avoid the growth of bacteria. Dry the holes you are use and put inside some baby powder. If you are lazy clean vagina, you can choose removable vagina and change everything month. Note: do no use alcohol , this is TPE doll not silicone.

What kind of clothes i can wear to doll?

If you are feel her skin rough, please put baby powder on her skin. This is important step to care about your doll. Avoid any deep color closed doll skin. Such as deep color clothes or color magazine, they are very easy transfer color to doll skin. If this happens, don't worry, just need to use stain remover. First clean doll skin, then put stain in the transfer color skin, do not erase, leave 12 hours, put stain again, until disappear.

How to store your doll?

Your doll arrival home, she lay in the carton, if you can use her, put her same way in the carton or hang up. Lying same place or keep same position long time, skin have some influence, like ass become flat no longer like the first time you see. Or leg leave traces. Don't try to make doll stand up if she is normal feet. She can make any position as you need, but do not keep one position for a long time,avoid tear her skin. But i don't suggest make some highly difficult position to her. Such as doggy style, you can try it few times, but you have to do it be careful and take care of hands and knee.

Finally, please don't share your lovely girl with other and every time use suggest to use lubricating oil and condom, protect her and protect you. Hope you can choose a girl, and her bring some different feel to you life. Enjoy happy life! 

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