Why choose fullbodylovedoll?

1.Almost all website have same doll show in their shop, only because those doll come from same factory.

2.All doll will be check by myself, if you need before shipping we can sent doll picture to you. If doll didn’t same as your request or no prefer as i wish(i have experience for this), doll will return back to manufacturers. Hope everyone can get a prefer doll.

3.Because Customs problem , we will use safe shipping sent to you. UPS is best shipping for now, we can sent to you including TAX for some Europe and USA. Canada, Singapore, Japan,Switzerland, Sweden, Norway ,Finland be available too. But below those country we can’t sent now: ,Middle East , Australia, UK.

4.Usually delivery to USA by USA special line,to Canada by Canada special line,about 10-15 days customers can get your love dolls


What kind of package are the Sex dolls delivered in ?

Shipped in a Plain White Outer Box and discreet outer label.Each Sex doll is securely packed in a double reinforced cardboard box that you can keep for storage if needed. The Sex Doll is lying downwards inside the box. The Silicone Dolls hands and feet a packages in a protective film. Till date, we have not received or experienced any issues or incidences or damage due the way our dolls are packed.

Is the package discreet ? Does the courier know the contents of the package ?

We are very discreet in our packaging. Client Confidentiality is taken very seriously at Sex Doll. The courier company is not aware of what is inside the package. The box is marked Fragile to ensure proper care is taken when handling..

--What about customs problem?

USA, Germany, French, Italy, Spain, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Denmark,  Netherlands ,Austria, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech republic, Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia Slovenia, Slovenia, Slovakia ,Croatia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Northern Ireland  can be sent doll free shipping and without any customs problem, we will do everything well for you. Shipping by UPS or Fedex. Depend on which one safe better for you, but shipping time will be spend about 10-15 days. After shipping, you can't check logistics information, because we have to sent doll to your country UPS or Fedex warehouse first, then they are sent doll to you direct. This is why you don't need to face customs, but you can check it after arrival your country, that's mean you can check logistics information after 5days we sent. But i can promise to you everything will be find.

Japan will be use our shipping method, it's very safe and just need to wait about 3days you can get your doll.

Singapore we can safe to sent too, only need to spent 3-4days you can get doll.

Except above country, if you are interested to order a doll, please kindly contact with me, if i can find a safe way sent doll to you, then let's do it.

 Expect Middle East, Australia,  UK we can’t shipping. 

Usually we are use UPS or Fedex shipping, spent 8-12days can be arrival. 

--How is Stand Up foot?

1.Stand up feet size same as normal foot, but in the bottom of the stand up feet  reinforced, we are make three triangle holder inside. So standing foot itself is rigid. She can stand up to take photos and didn’t broken feet..

--How is removable vagina?

Fix vagina just like a real women vagina fix inside, removable need to take inside the vagina. Is it different for sex?  For the feeling, they are same. Removable easy to clean and can be protect doll vagina well. This is why DS doll vagina is removable.

What is the Delivery Time on my Sex Doll?


Due to the number of dolls being made and of course depending on when you place your order, production time can take anywhere from 10 - 15 days. Additional time is required for shipping.  however all depends on our orders. If we have a few backorders, some delays may be caused, however you will be advised by the Doll staff should any delays are expected. Other than that, you will receive email confirmation and correspondence from our team. We are always available to discuss at any time via phone or email.


How to order your doll?

How to care your doll?

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